ABC World News (3/11) reported the CDC announced it predicts the Zika virus will spread along the Gulf states, Florida, and Texas as the mosquito season begins this summer. Thus far, 193 confirmed cases in 32 states have been reported. 

In related coverage the AP (3/13, Stobbe) reported the CDC revised its travel warnings Friday, “saying it’s OK for pregnant women to travel to Mexico City and other places at high elevation in outbreak regions.” According to the agency, the Zika-carrying mosquito is “rare at higher elevations because of the lack of humidity and other conditions.” 

Also covering the story is the Washington Post  

(3/11) Reuters  

(3/13, Hirschler) reports on the growing threat of mosquitoes and the spread of viruses including Zika.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Chronicle

 (3/14, Colliver) reported that researchers nationwide are “scrambling” to create diagnostic tests to accurately diagnose the Zika virus in patients.

For more information on the Zika virus, visit the CDC page: